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Dragon Goes Boom & World Of Color’s Return! | Trending 5.14.18

A popular Walt Disney World parade float explodes and subsequently takes the internet with it. World of Color has a return date, and Sea World is expanding into Sesame Street! We’ll cover that, and your parks forecast for this week on Trending.


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A popular Walt Disney World parade float explodes and subsequently takes the internet with it. World of Color has a return date, and SeaWorld is expanding into Sesame Street! We’ll cover that, and your parks forecast for this week on Trending.

I’m Kory, it’s Monday May 14th, 2018 and this is trending. All of the latest news and rumors from the parks, every Monday from the no midnight podcast channel.

Unless you went on a complete social media blackout last week, you saw the dragon from The Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy on fire moving down the parade route as frantic cast members ran around trying to hold back guests and empty fire extinguishers on a gas fire. If you didn’t see it, we linked to it in the show notes in the description.

WDWInfo reports that the parade was immediately stopped, the area cleared and the fire put out. Photos on their site show the dragon after the fire…and she’s gonna need some work…some mascara perhaps. I wouldn’t expect to see the dragon back in the Magic Kingdom for a while…if ever again.

LINK: http://www.wdwinfo.com/walt-disney-world/fire-breathing-maleficent-dragon-float-catches-fire-in-the-magic-kingdom/

The popular nighttime show World of Color has been dark for a while as the massive construction project to transform Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier continues at Disney California Adventure. But, there is hope on the horizon.

WDWInfo is reporting that AT LEAST June 22nd, which is how far ahead the park hours are updated, Paint the Night will be performed at 8:15pm and World of Color returns to Paradise Bay at 10:15. *banter about that name*

LINK: http://www.wdwinfo.com/news-stories/world-of-color-returns-to-california-adventure-on-june-22/

Sea World Orlando has announced a new Sesame Street themed land set to open in 2019! Attractions Magazine says, “Guests will be able to take a walk down Sesame Street for the very first time, and experience all the fun, learning and laughter firsthand.

Construction is already underway, and will be complete in time for a 2019 opening. The new land will be located on the south end of the park, where Happy Harbor currently stands.

LINK: http://attractionsmagazine.com/seaworld-orlando-sesame-street-expansion/

If you are one of those people that goes to Walt Disney World and completely wings it, forgot to setup Fastpass +, just no clue what’s going on…there might be help for you. Disney is now offering a one day park ticket with certain fastpass experiences built right in. WDWInfo has a whole list of some pretty cool park specific packages like Epcot’s Immersive Explorations package, which includes – Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, and The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Or Animal Kingdom’s Wild Performances package which will get you FastPass+ access to – Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo, and It’s Tough to be a Bug. More info in the show notes.

LINK: http://www.wdwinfo.com/news-stories/disney-now-offering-one-day-one-park-tickets-with-pre-selected-itineraries/

Pirates and Pixar Pier are down at Disneyland Resort, and American Heritage Gallery is down at Epcot. As for the crowds, Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday are going to be messy at Disneyland because of Grad Nite, the rest of the week is fine. As for Orlando, nice week to visit the parks. Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is happening at Epcot. Weekdays especially should be pretty calm, but expect a busy weekend.

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In closing, the LA Times wrote an article about the upcoming land dedicated to Marvel at Disney California Adventure. In it, they theorize that that longstanding agreement between theme park rival Universal and Disney’s newly acquired Marvel applies to naming a park or park land, and unlike it’s property rights to the characters featured in it’s park, this agreement doesn’t end at the Mississippi River. We’ll watch this one.

LINK: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-disney-marvel-land-20180406-story.html

That’s trending for Monday, May 14th 2018.

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