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Our Statement On ‘Disflix’

“If you’ve been on social media in the last 24-48 hours you’ve probably seen the Disflix drama unfolding everywhere. Let me give you some backstory, a group of 10 or so Disney content creators (YouTubers, Instagrammers, etc) teamed up to create a new paid service called Disflix. The service started at $9.99 per month and would feature videos, online classes, and live streams. You’ll notice I am using past tense here.

Shortly after they launched the website, social media began being brutally honest about the concept and the hashtag Disflix was everywhere last night! The site allegedly received a cease and desist order from Disney and shortly after they shut down. The creators of Disflix blamed social media bullying for the closure, and many of the people who had signed on to create content for this venture either went silent on social media, or completely purged all trace of the project from their platforms.

Disflix is dead.

I’ll be honest here, the dream for those of us who create podcasts, and videos is to be able to do it full-time, and I cannot knock anyone in the content creation medium, like us, for trying to make some money from it. It’s an expensive passion. But, the way Disflix went about it was, at the end of the day, selfish.

There is an entire community of fabulous content creators centered around travel and tourism, and an even larger amount focused exclusively on Disney. Names like The Dis, Theme Park Review, Inside The Magic, Justin Scarred, Theme Park Tourist, The Tim Tracker, plus our friends Matt, Quinn, Gavin & Patrick and Daycation Kingdom at Attractions Magazine. These people, like us, all work very hard to produce quality content for our subscribers. It’s our passion, it’s what we love to do. It’s not now, nor has it ever been about the money.

The major theme parks all have explicit rules about what kind of content creation is allowed in their parks, and frankly, we are lucky that they not only allow us to shoot our adventures inside their gates, but that they embrace our community of storytellers.

One of those aforementioned explicit rules is that you cannot use Disney’s copyrighted material for financial gain. Period. Shooting a YouTube video is allowed, because any money made, and trust me…it’s not a lot, is made through advertising. What Disflix attempted to do, and ultimately failed at, was monetize Disney’s content without Disney’s permission.

Disflix is gone, and I for one am glad. If for no other reason than this. Competition breeds quality. We will all continue to get better at our craft when the playing field is level, and you the listener, and viewer will benefit most of all.

I just hope that Disflix hasn’t done too much damage. It would be a real tragedy for content creators everywhere if Disney decided to close their gates to us, and our cameras. If they did that, they’d be fully within their rights to do so. But, it would be the end of a magical time when people’s real passion for Walt’s creation was shared worldwide not for money, but for love.” – Kory


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