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New Details About Disneyland’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Attraction [SPOILERS]

Everyone is excitedly awaiting the May 27th opening date for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!’ at Disney California Adventure, and thanks to a new article, we are getting a glimpse inside the former Tower of Terror.

LA Times has put together a very thorough summary of everything we know about the new attraction, including the backstory, exterior, queue, attraction, and gift shop.

The attraction’s interior footprint remains basically the same, including the lobby which is likely the area pictured here:


The lobby area features piece of The Collector’s collection, which will likely include actual props from the films. (Photo: Disney)

The pre-show will still take place in the rooms that we’re “the library” in the Tower of Terror which will be re-themed to be The Collector’s office. The LA Times article says, “Inside the office, the Collector’s desk will be covered with “Easter eggs” that provide clues to the upcoming mission. Rocket Raccoon has escaped and is hiding in the overhead ventilation system. He lays out a plan for a high-stakes prison break to free his fellow Guardians and asks for the visitors’ help.”

After the pre-show you’ll move into the next section of the queue, and “Except for some minor rethemeing, the industrial-looking boiler room portion of the Tower of Terror queue will remain largely unchanged.”

The attraction itself will still feature randomized drop sequences, and “The elevator doors may or may not open at the top of the ride for a panoramic view of the park as they did on Tower of Terror.”

The attraction will feature music from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, and is confirmed to be just the beginning of a Marvel themed land that could soon consume Bugs Land, parts of Hollywood Land, and the old Timon parking lot, which is the property’s final remaining expansion parcel.


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