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Will “Mission: SPACE” Change In A Big Way During Summer Refurbishment?

Mission: SPACE, the motion-simulator/centrifuge attraction at Epcot, would traditionally go down in sections for refurbishment, instead of the entire attraction closing.  But this summer, the Future World East attraction will completely shut down for 2 months. Which has many speculating about the future of the attraction as we know it.

The rumor that is floating around at places like Theme Park Tourist, is that Mission: SPACE will receive a complete overhaul during it’s down time. While I love this attraction, it’s about time for a refresh. The attraction opened in 2009 and was immediately railed for being too thrilling, and despite adding a second “less intense” version in 2006, has been unpopular ever since. Often times, the wait is less than 30 minutes regardless of the time of year.

TPT has several ideas of how Disney could refresh this attraction to make it more popular, one is “The most obvious idea would be the use of a randomization system similar to that in use at Star Tours and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Not only would this be an simpler system to install (from a practical standpoint), but it would also encourage guests who do enjoy this attraction to ride and re-ride so they can experience all of the different missions available.”

Other potential changes include updates to the queue, pre-show and video technology within the capsules themselves. The attraction goes down in June, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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