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RUMORS: Several New Attractions Headed To Epcot?

Let’s be honest for a second…Epcot is very, very due for some upgrades. With the exception of Frozen Ever After, Walt Disney World’s second theme park hasn’t seen many new attractions in a decade.

Orlando Weekly is reporting several rumored changes coming to Epcot in the next 5-10 years and they are pretty exciting:

World Showcase

FRANCE: Ratatouille Trackless Dark Ride

Similar to the attraction at Disneyland Paris, this attraction is state-of-the-art and would also explain all of the random Ratatouille’s sprinkled around the area lately.


MEXICO: Coco Overlay

Disney’s new latin-themed movie could find it’s way into the boat attraction inside Epcot’s Mexico pavilion before the film’s release in November 2017.

*New* Spain Pavilion

Orlando Weekly says that two new pavilions are being planned for World Showcase, the first of which is, “Spain, based in part by the new Walt Disney animated film Gigantic.

The music for the film is being done by the duo behind “Let it Go” while the movie is being co-directed by the writer of Inside Out and the director behind Tangled. Few details have been leaked regarding the new pavilion, other than an attraction based on the animated film.

Spain was actually one of four countries that were announced prior to Epcot opening in 1982.”

*New* Brazil Pavilion

According to Orlando Weekly’s post, “The second rumored new pavilion is Brazil. While talk of Brazil being added has heated up in the past few days, the rumors date back to 2011 when a Brazilian newspaper ran with the story.

Brazil was back in the spotlight in 2014 when a well-known Disney insider leaked supposed concept art of the new pavilion on the WDWMagic forums. In that image, we see what looks to be a carnaval celebration with a model of the Christ the Redeemer statue in the background.”

Future World

Mission: SPACE Refurbishment

We covered this in a previous blog post, but Mission: SPACE is going down for a lengthy refurbishment later this summer and rumors are flying about what could be next for this somewhat unpopular attraction.

Imagination Pavilion

I’m not sure what the plan is…but please…do something! Here is a video of the original Journey Into Imagination…

Yeah…see what I mean? They got rid of this…for what!?

Universe Of Energy

The rumors and speculation continue about a Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction coming to the northern section of Future World East. But for now…nothing specific.


For now, we will just have to wait and see what is next for Epcot…I am optimistic about the future.


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