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VIDEO: ‘Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Queue Is A Game Changer

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, looks really cool…well…at least the queue does!

We’ve been pretty excited waiting for Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon to open at Universal Orlando, and thankfully that came faster than we were expecting. The attraction, which is set to open next month, went into soft openings last week.

Video of the attraction itself has not hit the internet yet but the entire queue experience has. There is a reason I use the term “queue experience” because it truly is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings the vibe of attending Fallon’s The Tonight Show to Universal Orlando.

When you arrive at Universal’s Rockefeller Center, you receive a colored ticket and are invited to hang out in the cozy lobby. When the lighting on the ceiling and around the walls turns the color of your ticket, you proceed up the stairs to the next section of queue. On the 2nd floor there is even more space to relax, charge your phone, watch TV, and enjoy live entertainment from various Tonight Show variety acts like Ragtime Gals, and Hashtag The Panda, when the lighting on the walls/ceiling turn the same color as your ticket…you head onto the third section of the queue where you are assigned a row.

Once in your row, the TVs begin playing a pre-show video that truly immerses you in the Tonight Show experience, complete with The Roots rapping the safety spiel. This is where our knowledge of the attraction ends, as they are strictly enforcing no video inside the theatre.

Check out Attractions Magazine’s video:


The attraction, I am told, is “pretty cool” but definitely not an E-Ticket. Does it need to be? The ease at which you move through an incredibly immersive and entertaining queue is kind of the point. The attraction seems, to me, like an entire experience…Universal’s first real foray into the world of attractions that don’t require waiting in line.

With Volcano Bay opening in a few short months with the promise of NO lines whatsoever, we may just be witnessing the beginning of the future of theme park entertainment. I personally love imagining a world where we don’t have to play Heads Up in line to kill time…because we wont be waiting in line, we’ll be enjoying the immersive environment around us. My money wouldn’t have been on Universal getting to this concept first, but I am glad they did…Disney…it’s your move.

Kory (@KoryOnTheRadio)


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