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Disneyland No Longer Allowing People To Camp Out For Parades

It’s about time, am I right!?

We’ve all seen it. People camped out at 3 in the afternoon, or earlier, “saving a spot” for the Main Street Electrical Parade. It causes gridlock along the parade route, which is also through no amount of coincidence, the main walkways through a very crowded Disneyland Park.

Well, the days of blankets, strollers and apprehensive Dads blocking space along the curb all day are finally over. Theme Park Insider reports:

“Disneyland cast members are telling people who try to claim space early in the day for the Main Street Electrical Parade that they can’t save those spaces, either. Anyone who puts down a blanket, sits down on the curb for an extended period, or otherwise appears to be saving spaces before the parade team rolls out the route is being told to get moving.

And once the parade route is up, and Disney allows people to start claiming space along that route, it’s use it or lose it. Disneyland cast members are not allowing people to hold long blocks of empty space, either. You must be present to save your space for the show.”

As far as I am concerned…this is a FABULOUS move…keep it moving people!

Kory (@KoryOnTheRadio)



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