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Skyplex Announces ‘Skyjump’ Experience

International Drive in Orlando, long seen as the “tacky” side of Orlando’s tourist market, is in for a major overhaul, in part due to the new Skyplex complex.

The complex will be geared toward thrill-seekers and will feature the worlds tallest roller coaster, which you can see in this video:

As if that wasn’t cool (and dizzying) enough, Attractions Magazine reports that Skyplex is adding ‘SkyJump’ to the complex. If you have ever been to Las Vegas, and seen people jumping off the side of Stratosphere, that is SkyJump.

According to Attractions Magazine, “Skyplex recently secured the rights to the SkyJump attraction, and hopes to bring it to Orlando to satisfy amusement park guests seeking new kinds of excitement.

“The attractions for Skyplex are some of the most innovative in the world,” says Joshua Wallack, who with father and business partner David are developing of the Skyplex complex.  “The world’s tallest rollercoaster, the world’s tallest drop ride and now we’re launching an experience that feels like you are flying.  You will be one with the sky, and we envision this to be a major draw for tourists and convention delegates to the new I-Drive Entertainment District.”

This is a NOPE for me in Las Vegas, and will continue to be a NOPE in Orlando…I am totally doing the roller coaster though!

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