no midnight

The No Midnight Podcast Is Coming…

Look for our first episode this Saturday!

After the first episode we will roll into a regular schedule of taping Wednesday nights at 8pm PST, with the taping broadcasted live on Facebook. We invite you to be a part of the show by watching our Facebook Live, tweeting us, and/or emailing your questions and comments to nomidnightblog@gmail.com.

The podcast’s audio will go up Thursday mornings on all platforms.

As for the format, we will get to the good stuff right out of the gate. Each show will start with the week’s hottest news/rumors in the theme park/travel/tourism industry. Our goal is for the average show to be 30 minutes, we know your time is valuable.

From time to time we will have special guests and friends of the show on, and even in-depth interviews with authors, influencers, and legends. But, on an average week, it’s all about you! Your questions, concerns, and comments are not only welcomed, but encouraged!

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