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Disneyland Security Checkpoint Moving To Include Downtown Disney

There have been several security issues at Disney parks as of late, most of which revolve around people trying to get into the parks with a gun.

Disneyland in Anaheim is now moving to not only make their property safer, but to make the screening process less of a hassle. Right now, you go through security before you enter the area between the two theme parks. The downside is, if you leave the park to go to Downtown Disney, you must pass through security again before you can re-enter the park. It really is an annoying inconvenience.

No longer though!

OC Register reports, “Disney is moving one of its security checkpoints so that Downtown Disney is pulled inside its secured area.

The move was expected to be completed by year’s end.

“We are moving the location of our bag-check and metal detectors to the point where guests enter our property through Downtown Disney and the Mickey & Friends parking structure,” a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman said.

Guests would be checked as soon as they left the Mickey & Friends parking structure before boarding the tram toward Downtown Disney.”

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