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Costco To Sell $330 ‘Disney California Adventure’ Annual Pass

Well this is a fun deal! Costco is now selling a 1 park annual pass to Disney California Adventure for only $330!

Let me break that down for you:

Basic 2-Park Annual Pass: $599 (tons of blockout days, no free parking)
Deluxe 2-Park Annual Pass: $849 (Less blockout days, good discounts, free parking and PhotoPass)
Signature Plus 2-Park Annual Pass: $1,049 (No blockouts, good discounts, free parking and PhotoPass)

Costco’s 1-Park Annual Pass: $330

A 1-Day ticket to Disney California Adventure (not on peak attendance days) will run you $95 per person. Meaning that you need to use your pass 3 1/2 days a year to break even. Not a bad value if you like Disney California Adventure!

Costco is selling the passes at their Southern California locations until December 1st!



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