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Goodbye Diamond Celebration!

Tonight Disneyland and its millions of fans worldwide said goodbye to both “Disneyland Forever” and “World Of Color Celebrate” as the Disneyland Diamond Celebration officially draws to a close.

As I lay in bed in Sacramento watching live streams of the final “World of Color Celebrate” and “Disneyland Forever” I remember a year full of fabulous memories that will stay with me forever. In the last year this “Disney World is better” purist has fallen in love with Disneyland in every way possible. It even inspired this blog, and my YouTube channel.

60 (+) years ago Walt Disney had a dream, a dream that would lead to a Magic Kingdom called Disneyland, a place where wishes come true. 60 years later that magical place continues to inspire people like you and me.

The next time I step through the gates at Walt’s park (19 days from today), the Diamond Celebration will be over, I’ll miss it but I’m ready to make new memories. After all, the best thing about Disneyland is that it is timeless, and as the now retired “Disneyland Forever” fireworks spectacular reminds us, “is yours…Forever!”

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