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Another One Bites The Dust! ‘Paint The Night’ Parade To Close.

Following in the footsteps of World Of Color Celebrate, and Disneyland Forever

…the epic Paint The Night Parade at Disneyland will close on September 5th. Disneyland confirmed the news on Twitter moments ago:

I am shocked to see Disneyland doing away with the fabulous new nighttime shows they created for the Diamond Celebration, but No Midnight correspondent MP is not, saying, “We all know Disneyland cycles out their shows with the seasons. Makes sense for Fantasy in the Sky to run in the off season, but what will the summer show be? Are they going to surprise us by bringing Disneyland Forever back?”

Only time will tell. As for me, I will have to try to figure out how to see all of these shows during my trip at the end of August.

Several sources have Paint The Night appearing at Walt Disney World soon, but that is unconfirmed.

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