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VIDEO: A Look At Disney Nighttime Spectaculars!

As I was setting off pyro last night, I was reminded of an odd feeling that I get when I am around fireworks. The smell of the gun powder, the flashes of light, the percussions…they all hearken back to my childhood, standing in front of Cinderella Castle watching Fantasy In The Sky. If you’re a lifelong Disney fan, fireworks automatically trigger Disney memories, and always will.

As we all head to 4th of July celebrations in our corner of America tonight, a certain segment of the population will be thinking of Disney, the place where our love of fireworks first began.

If you have never seen a Disney firework show, you are in luck. D23, the official Disney Fan Club has posted this video in tribute, just in time for 4th of July:

How cool is that? If you want to see more, Walt Disney World will be live streaming it’s 4th of July fireworks spectacular tonight starting at 8:50pm ET on the Disney Parks Blog.



MAY 2015: (l to r) Bill Rogers (the voice of Disneyland), Camille Dixon (the voice of Disney California Adventure), and Kory at the Disneyland 60 press event at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California. (Photo: Kory)

FUN FACT: The D23 video (above) features my friend Bill Rogers at the beginning.

If he sounds familiar, you’re not imagining it, Bill is the longtime voice of Disneyland, and his wife Camille Dixon is the voice of Disney California Adventure.

Cool huh?





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