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RUMOR: Is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Coming To Epcot?

I am so excited about this rumor that is circulating today. Guardians of the Galaxy needs a home on the East Coast, namely because it is the only (big) Marvel property that Disney can install in their theme parks in Orlando.

Wait, doesn’t Disney OWN Marvel?


When Disney purchased Marvel, they had to honor Marvel’s existing deals, including Universal’s deal for exclusive rights to many Marvel characters east of the Mississippi River. It’s likely that is the very deal that drove Disney to shift gears and push Guardians of the Galaxy as it’s big franchise after the acquisition of Marvel.

We already have it on relatively good authority that Guardians of the Galaxy will find it’s way into Disney California Adventure after Star Wars Land construction wraps, but what about the east coast? Surely Disney isn’t considering altering the original Tower of Terror? Hopefully no. Rockin’ Roller Coaster? That could be fun. But, neither of those attractions need the help. In fact, now that Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land are under construction, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is on it’s way to salvation.

There is another park that desperately needs the help. Walt Disney World’s second gate Epcot which has been languishing over the last decade. Innoventions is an embarrassing shell of it’s former self (and that is being generous), World Showcase (was before Frozen Ever After) in need of new attractions, and Future World has several dead spots in need of new life, namely:

Journey Into Imagination
Universe of Energy: Ellen’s Energy Adventure
Wonders of Life

Here is where Guardians of the Galaxy comes in. Theme Park Tourist is reporting, “a number of inside sources as well as Slashfilm are reporting that a fully new attraction will actually be coming to the current Universe of Energy pavilion in a few years (with a phase two possibly taking over the long-neglected Wonders of Life pavilion in the distant future if the initial ride proves to be a success).”

Can you imagine?

The Wonders of Life pavilion could easily be cleaned up and made ready for a new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, and the Universe of Energy pavilion is so large that it just begs for something much newer and much more thrilling to take up that space. It would be nice to see the north end of Future World east alive and kicking again, Guardians of the Galaxy may be just the key!

Right now, these are all just rumors, but it’s fun to dream! Stay tuned…

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