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Created in 2017, The No Midnight Podcast Channel celebrates, reviews, and (let’s be honest) pokes fun at all things related to theme park culture – including coverage of Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and theme parks worldwide!

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TPP_iTunes_EDIT2Trending gets a facelift and a new name, Theme Park Pulse. Kory hosts this quick look at all of the news/rumors happening in parks pop culture. In addition, experts and channel regulars will appear on the show with insight on current events. Kory’s popular “Parks Planning Forecast,” which looks at crowd levels, refurbishments, and special events in the domestic parks during the week ahead, will continue in this re-boot. Theme Park Pulse will always be less than 15 minutes long, giving you a quick look at the week’s events.


TBWL_AlbieDaniel_2Wednesday, we take a deep look into the creation of JK Rowling’s masterpiece Harry Potter. From imagination to page, page to screen, screen to parks, and into the hearts of fans everywhere. We also explore the connection our cast member Albie has with The Boy Who Lived. This 3 part series debuts July 18, 2018. Written/Researched by Adam Vargyas and produced by Kory. 



The show that started it all moves to Friday starting July 6, and gets a new name, Friday Fan Forum. Finish off the workweek with a fun roundtable discussion of current events, parks pop culture news and rumors, general silliness, and this season…guests galore! Look for some fun games, guests and good times each Friday on the No Midnight Podcast Channel.